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  • Special exhibition What Is GyeongGi Folk Culture? Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Period/ 2016.11.11(Fri) ~ 2017.04.16(Sun)

    A special exhibition prepared using the results of academic investigation and research studies conducted by the GyeongGi Provincial Museum and the National Folk Museum of Korea. This exhibition was planned in order to discover the folklore, traditions, and ways of life, including work and recreation, of the lives that have continued on throughout GyeongGido

  • Special exhibition Treasures of GyeongGi Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Period/ 2015.11.18(Wed) ~ 2016.02.08(Mon)

    “Treasures of GyeongGi” was planned with the intention of announcing the full-scale preparation of the 2018 GyeongGi Millennium, with national treasures and precious cultural assets that represent GyeongGi-do’s thousand-year-culture.

  • Special exhibition Special Exhibition for Traditional Wooden Furniture-GyeongGi Style Close
    • Venue/ GyeongGi Provincial Museum
    • Period/ 2015.04.22(Wed) ~ 2017.11.01(Wed)

    This exhibition seeks the identity of our daily culture by revealing the characteristics and specifications of the traditional wooden furniture of GyeongGi-do.

  • Special exhibition 2014 Tea, Drink Pleasure Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Period/ 2014.04.30(Wed) ~ 2014.08.24(Sun)

    A special exhibition investigating the tea culture of Korea with pleasure as the main theme and presenting the custom of drinking tea, the history of tea and the change of culture and communication through tea in daily life using content that looks at both the past and the present.

  • Permanent exhibition Gyeonggi-do Province History Hall

    The Gyeonggi-do Province History Hall facilitates the understanding of the history of Gyeonggi province through chronology, maps, and photos, including how Gyeonggi got its name, the history of Gyeonggi province, the origin of each region in Gyeonggi province, cultural remains and time travel to Gyeonggi province. The screen in the middle of the Gyeonggi-do Province History Hall presents a documentary related to history and culture selected every quarter.

  • Permanent exhibition Archaeology Hall

    The lifestyle of the prehistoric age can be identified at a glance through diorama and historic remains. The remains per period covering Hanseong Baekje, Goguryeo, Silla and Unified Silla acknowledge the importance of Gyeonggi province. The large reproduction earthenware jar draws significant attention in the middle of the hall.