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The Collection of Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
경기도박물관 소장품전

Archaeology Hall
The long history of Gyeonggi-do from the Paleolithic Age to the Unified Silla Period is presented through 250 diverse artifacts including stoneware, earthenware, bronze ware, ironware, and roof tiles.

Art Hall I
Visitors can learn more about Gyeonggi-do’s history and culture through porcelain and Buddhist exhibits. The most precious porcelain and Buddhist artifacts possessed by the museum are displayed in this room, along with videos and additional resources designed to further visitors’ understanding of the province’s history.

Art Hall Ⅱ – Paintings and Calligraphies Hall
Art Hall II displays some fifty artworks encompassing six genres, namely, landscape paintings, documentary paintings, flowering plant paintings, paintings of the Four Gracious Plants (plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo), paintings of animals, birds and flowers, and folk paintings.

Folk Customs Hall
This room is organized into four themes – Daily Life (food, clothes and shelter), Yearly (annual cyclical rituals), Lifetime (longevity rituals) and Folk Art – to shed light on the unique cultural characteristics of Gyeonggi-do’s traditional lifestyle.

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