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The Costume, the Pattern of Joseon Dynasty: Confucian Scholars’ Ceremonial Robe, White Sim-ui
White Sim-ui

Sim-ui, the symbol of confucian scholar, had a separate upper bodice part and a lower skirt part that were stitched together in one piece and reached the ankle. There were two types of Sim-ui: one with a straight collar, and another with square collar. Sim-ui was made of unsophisticated fabric, such as plain ramie or plain silk. Every part of Sim-ui had confucius meanings: 12 pieces of the lower skirt part express the 12 months, round sleeves, courtesy, straight lines of collars and edges symbolize justice and loyalty. Hats for this garment varied: Bok-geon, Jeong-ja-gwan, Dong-pa-gwan, etc. Flat shoes[Ri] were worn with this garment commonly, but sometimes black boots[Hwa] were found to be worn in some portraits.

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