Museum Facilities

카카오톡으로 퍼가기구글플러스로 퍼가기페이스북으로 퍼가기트위터로 퍼가기
The Outdoor Exhibition Space in Gyeonggi Provincial Museum hosts outdoor experience programs using the pavilion Eumgojeong, dolmen from the prehistoric age, tombs from the period of the Three States, funerary stupa and banner poles supporting posts of the Goryeo period as well as an outdoor excavation experience site. The main square with a watermill and artificial falls as the backdrop host a variety of cultural events. Gyeonggi Provincial Museum has 6 permanent exhibition spaces and 1 special exhibition space. Each exhibition space describes the history and culture of Korea including Gyeonggi province through a variety of heritages including porcelain, literature, costumes excavated from ancient tombs, calligraphic paintings and folk crafts. Another exhibition space presents experiences or multimedia materials and the other exhibition space displays collections that have been donated or entrusted. All exhibition spaces are organized for visitors to easily come close to ancient culture and history in a friendly way.
Folk Customs Hall
Art Hall II
Donated Relics Hall
Special Exhibition Hall
Woodblock Printing Studio
Café and Restaurant, Museum Shop
Gyeonggi-do Province History Hall
Archaeology Hall
Art Hall I
Documentary Materials Hall