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The Costume, the Pattern of Joseon Dynasty: Government Officials’ Uniform, Black Dallyeong
Black Dallyeong

Dallyeong is named after a round collar shape. It was an official’s daily uniform, but non-officials also wore it as their bridal wear during the Joseon dynasty. The attire consisted of Dallyeong, Samo, Poomdae, and Hwa. The general public were not allowed to wear this robe, but they could especially wear it during their wedding ceremony. In discussing affairs of the state in the reign of 28 years of King Sejong, black Dallyeong was considered more formal compared to red Dallyeong. Black Dallyeong was called Sangbok, and red Dallyeong was called Sibok. Hyungbae – insignia attached to the chest and back of the officials’s everyday uniform – was attached only to black Dallyeong to indicate wearer’s rank. According to Gab-sin-ui-je-gae-hyeok – dress reform carried out in May 1884, the 21st year during the reign of King Gojong – only black Dallyeong was to be allowed to wear and red Dallyeong was no longer allowed. In 1900, officials’ everyday uniform was changed into the western-style official uniform.

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